Meet The Customer Team

We bring bold thinking and a desire to be the best in our work in analytics, digital solutions, and consulting. Each day, we imagine, invent, and deliver new ways to better serve our employees, our clients, and the world.

The future is exciting – especially when you have us to guide your business. And we don’t want to lose that sense of excitement.

Renee Stephens

VP, North America

Former VP Auto Quality, JD Power

A 33-year veteran of the auto industry, Renee joined We Predict in 2017 to lead the product development and implementation of the industry's first competitive automotive warranty benchmarking practice. She works closely with automotive manufacturing, supplier, insurance, and industry partners to provide predictive capabilities including connected car, telematics, warranty, and safety risk mitigation. Renee has a wealth of experience as the former VP of U.S. Auto Quality at J.D. Power, and as the former Quality Data Director with GM – where she worked for 28 years serving in global and international roles.

Dr. Stephen Norris

Automotive Lead

Former Engineer & Test Mgr. with Hi-Lex Cable Systems

Dr. Norris has 20 years experience as an engineer in the automotive sector, most recently with Hi-Lex cable systems. He has been with WePredict for 7 years, primarily leading European sales. He also builds technical presentations to provide the interface between WePredict's customers and the development team. Dr. Norris holds a number of qualifications, including a B.Eng in Materials Science and Engineering, a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, a Diploma in Environmental Management, as well as being a University Lecturer for 5 years.

Mark Gordon

VP, Business Development

Former Director of Sales, Oracle

Mark leads WePredict's business development initiatives ranging from sales to developing partnerships. Mark has been instrumental in leading WePredict's expansion into the US and managing activities there. Mark is based in Boston and is always happy to travel to worldwide clients wherever they are located. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from his role as the former Director of Sales with Oracle and SAS in analytics.