Fleet, Heavy Vehicles and Off-Highway

Replacing hindsight with foresight so you can outflank your competition

Applying more than a decade of cross-industry data analysis experience, we are working with off-highway equipment manufacturers and operators to free up cash, increase profits and improve customer satisfaction – with data they’re already generating.

  • our analytics will mean a reduction in unplanned downtime so your fleet stays up and running.
  • we analyze individual machines or vehicle populations providing a risk score of breakdowns.
  • calculate true cost of ownership – measuring performance against time and dollar utilization, so you can predict the optimum time to sell your assets.
  • the 3 Cs – concern, cause, correction – providing clear insight on how components are failing.

The Market is Too Tough to Miss Out on Deeper Insights

Our latest whitepaper has the industry-leading insights that can have substantial economic benefits for your business. Use the download link below to get our latest insights for 2021 in the "Replacing Hindsight with Foresight" whitepaper.


Our Whitepaper has the Answers you Need.

Download "Replacing Hindsight with Foresight" Whitepaper

Vehicle Management Made Simple

It’s all about minimizing downtime. With our predictive methodology and smart technology, it’s easy to see your next moves and what to plan for to ensure the right parts are there when you need them and you can achieve the maximum performance with your products today and tomorrow.

Stop Reacting, Start Anticipating

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