We Predict predictive analytics and Deepview database help auto industry navigate transition to electric vehicles

The rapid shift to electric vehicles is driving a need for new data and insights.

Drawing on its exclusive database of billions of service records for millions of vehicles, including a decade’s worth of electric vehicle data, We Predict’s Deepview database delivers previously unavailable insights on electric vehicle service, maintenance and repair costs.

Deepview tracks actual and continuously updated EV component- and vehicle- performance data to document repair and replacement rates, part costs, labor hours and more throughout the vehicle lifecycle.

Savvy automakers, suppliers, dealers, insurers and financing companies are using We Predict’s Deepview data to improve performance, save cash and increase profits.

Our Data And Analytics Provide:

Study says: After launch, EVs cost less

Service costs for electric cars and light trucks fall to 30% lower than their gasoline-powered counterparts at three years on the road, according to the We Predict Deepview™ True Cost Second Owner Study.

EV service costs less over time - Feb 2022

Ford Mustang Mach-E outperforms segment

Launch of the Ford premium electric EV, the Mustang Mach-E, “completely and utterly outperformed everybody else who’s launched a premium-brand EV in the last four or five years,” We Predict CEO James Davies said.

Per-vehicle service costs for the Mach-E were just $93 during the first three months of ownership. That compares with $366 for the Audi e-tron, $667 for the Porsche Taycan and $834 for the Jaguar I-PACE.

Mach-E winner among Premium Electic SUVs