Why We Created the Deepview True Cost Awards

We Predict applies predictive analytics to the most comprehensive industrywide service database available. When we combine these forces, we can forecast vehicle and component failures far earlier than manufacturers can today.

We Predict enables automakers, suppliers, and other automotive companies with the data they need to reduce warranty costs, identify problems earlier, free up cash and improve customer satisfaction.

We Predict created the Deepview True Cost awards to provide a glimpse of the power contained in our industrywide database.

Deepview True Cost awards rank vehicles by the actual dollars spent on service by customers and manufacturers over a set period of ownership, such as three months in service or 36 months in service.

Other rankings measuring the same ownership periods survey a small sample of vehicle owners. Deepview True Cost rankings are based on the actual incurred service costs of millions of vehicles.

If the true cost of initial vehicle ownership has a measure, it’s the We Predict Deepview True Cost rankings.


We Predict VP Renee Stephens Presents 2021 Deepview True Cost Second Owner Study (SOS) Results

We Predict CEO James Davies & Renee Stephens VP, North America Speak on Deepview True Cost

Featured Category: Electric Vehicles

We Predict applies predictive analytics not just to automotive clients’ own data, but also to our industrywide automotive database, delivering insights down to the component level across brands, makes and models.

This provides electric-vehicle manufacturers with a distinct opportunity.

General wisdom is that electric vehicles will require less service and repair than traditional vehicles. We Predict data shows that – so far, at least – the results are mixed.

Using our predictive analytics and our unprecedented industrywide service database, we can provide manufacturers with new insights into which components are performing well and which are not.

For electric-vehicle manufacturers building vehicles from the ground up, this is a significant opportunity to select suppliers based on how their parts are actually performing.

We Predict presents all auto manufacturers new opportunities to forecast vehicle and component failures far earlier than manufacturers can today.

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